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In this KEEP seminar you will examine how creative thinking during these changing times can establish balance, stability and prosperity for yourself and your organization.

Most everyone would agree that with the onset of the 21st century contingency, change and chaos have become a fact of everyday life.  During these shifting and ambiguous times each of us is often confronted with unique stressors and problems that begin to call upon our seemingly hidden creative resources. The complex demands of our work and everyday lives require that  our creative solutions  to life's issues must be both novel and socially feasible.

This seminar incorporates short lectures and stories, small group discussions, hands-on exercises and dynamic homework assignments to help: 

  • Increase your understanding of your intrinsic creative nature, the creative process and the creative personality
  • Enhance your skills at identifying your blocks to creative thinking
  • Improve your methods for creatively and passionately addressing the challenges in your life

Together we will examine:

  • How  contingency, change and chaos are affecting your personal and organizational lives?
  • How  to creatively transform organizational  issues from being disabling to enabling?
  • The ways to creatively manage your time so that you can govern the changes in your life?
  • How you can use the five-stage theory of the creative process to better understand your creative nature?
  • The difference between a well-defined and an ill-defined problem?

Half day encounter (4 hours)

Download Creative Thinking During Changing Times powerpoint presentation.


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