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Dr. Dan McKinnon Ph.D. - (Education) is a registered psychologist and organizational development consultant for entrepreneurs, managers, organizational leaders and executives. Using individual/cultural assessments, psycho-educational training, personal coaching and counseling Dan improves the self-awareness and skill-sets of his clients. This creates conditions whereby their organizational and personal lives become more pleasurable, engaging, meaningful and effective. He is a certified Spiral Dynamics Integral Level One facilitator/teacher (training with Dr. Don Beck and Dr. Marilyn Hamilton) and a graduate of Dr. Martin E. P. Seligman's evidence-based Authentic Happiness Coaching Program. Dan’s research interests include: spirituality, personal wholeness, values development, hermeneutics, integral theory and human emergence.

Dan is a successful life-time entrepreneur who has co-founded and managed twelve companies in six industries during the past 33 years. With a lifetime of creating and operating entrepreneurial ventures Dan has acquired specialized skills in business administration and operations, human resource management and leadership development, marketing and sales, creative problem-solving, finance, strategic planning and corporate visioning.

In addition to his entrepreneurial and academic activity Dan successfully manages his time so that he can continue his extensive reading in spirituality/religion, positive psychology and existential philosophy as well as pursue his passionate interests in dream analysis, the social construction of self and competitive squash.


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